About Us

Motto for TCM PractitionerWelcome to Chinese Herbs Healing. You are here probably because you are interested in knowing more details about us. So read on please.

Who are we and why our advice is worth your time?

If you want to learn something on Chinese herbs, no matter treating others as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner or making home remedies for yourself, it is important to know what direction you should put your effort in at the very first place. Otherwise, chances are you would wind up with loads of crap in your head and lose your faith on this oldest medical system again. I had been there and felt the same pain keenly too. Taking the wrong way can be devastated, which we don’t want you to repeat again. So to speak, this is the main intention we established this site for.

Believe or not, the fact is that there is tons of false information about Chinese herbs and formulas floating around out there. There are many people who claim to be gurus who just want to peddle the cliché, sometimes bad, guidance and then charge you money.

Of course, undoubtedly we are still far from the best TCM practitioner, which is the top goal on our journey we pursue though. But one point is quite certain that we feel obligatory to share our successful experience and tips on clinical TCM practice and we are delighted to do so at the same time. Since we don’t just talk the talk but we walk the walk as well, something we mentioned here is what we believe can work and learned them the hard way too.

More about Chinese Herbs Healing

This site is more than just herbs, which means knowing the herbs’ property is the foundation for the sake of moving onto the next level of learning – prescribing targeting and effective herbal formulas. It is so wrong, or even dangerous, to apply Chinese herbs by the mindset of western medicine. There is not such a herb that cures all types of headache, so does fever or cough and any other symptoms. It is wrong to gather a few herbs with similar function and indication to get rid of one certain symptom. Doing this is all but a formula. The comment from Xu Lian Tai really hit the nail on the head – this kind of practice is typical mindset of focusing on only herb itself meanwhile overlooking the formula totally. The “chemistry” between herbs is totally missing here. So if you want to be a qualified herbalist, this will be the biggest concern you need to pay attention to. Apparently, the perfect match between herbs and formula will be the way to go.

Disclaimer from us

Nevertheless, here is the caveat you need to pay attention to – take this advice with a grain of salt. The method we used and succeeded might not work the same to you. Most of the time, the efficacy of healing herbs depend on the individual experience of the practitioner, namely the level of a herbalist can reaches.

Please also note that this website is for educational purposes only. If you visit and read the content on this site, it means you’ve know that this information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and this information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Thanks for your kind understanding here.

It never ceases to amaze me on our pursuit of better method to use Chinese herbs for patients. And it still will in the future. At this point you might have been sick of our yawning long preach. So, help yourself now.